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Our 15,000 sq. facility, located at the corner of 31st Avenue and 12th Street, is the most modern, state of the art system, in the cleaning business. Computerization and human attention, to the needs of each individual garment are combined to far exceed every quality and service standard that are the accepted norms in the cleaning industry.

Tower Cleaners uses sizing when needed. We restore your garments with the extra ''body'' required to make them look and feel as they did when first purchased. They will keep their  "freshly pressed'' look longer, saving you time and money.

The proper way, Tower presses from the inside out. After linings and major wrinkles are pressed from the inside, only then is the outside pressed. There are details on every garment that require an old fashioned touch up with a hand iron, it is not the normal way, it is the Tower Way.

There is no comparison between our shirts and the run of the mill, piece work processed shirts, that are farmed out to wholesalers by other cleaners. We wash in chemically neutralized solutions that have been infiltrated with ozone. The neutralizing eliminates irritation and itching that residues can cause, the ozone adds that fresh Spring air aroma that you can only be attained by outdoor sun drying. After machine pressing, each Shirt is inspected for missing or broken buttons. We then touch them up by hand and carefully prepare then for delivery with collar stays.


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